Monday, February 13, 2017

FAQ- Read it before commenting

I'm Samantha, I will remain this beautiful velvety indigo color.
I'm Willow. I'm green.
Together, we're going to answer questions.
Look at the color to tell us apart!
You'll get an answer from the both of us on all questions.
We haven't got any questions, and we want it to stay that way, so read this dang page.
On to the fabulous part now.

But I Hate Your Opinion and Blog Because-
Stop right there. Ya' stopped hon? Good. Let me break it down to the incredibly offensive to everyone ground. (I say offensive because just looking at your words is making people go blind). You see, this is MY blog. Let us look at the offensive checklist, shall we?
Am I being racist? Nope.
Classist? Nope.
Sexist? No.
Bigoted? Na.
Having my own opinion? Heck yeah.
So you see, when I'm not actually offending you or anybody else, your fee-fees don't matter most of the time. 
I'm being perfectly polite, I don't even curse. Nobody here does. When I'm doing nothing wrong, and you don't like my blog, here is the process to stop looking at my blog.
1. Open browser tab
2. Delete this tab.
3. Go somewhere else.
Yeah, Ima has Off-Topic Tuesday, where I talk about politicalness. You can read the rest of my blog, though. Because you can scroll right on past OTT. So when you don't like my stand on politics, scroll on or use my three-step solution and you won't have the problem of feeling upset. Comments like these won't be deleted so I can show other commenters that it won't be tolerated.
When I am done with this argument, I'll post a comment saying why I won't be responding again, it's my blog and read the faq. This will show others that this is so not tolerated.
(God, I am not suited for this)
First of all, it's my blog. Second, of all, that's it. If we're being racist or something, CALL US OUT ALL DAY LONG. But if we aren't offending you, SamSam here will TEAR YOU APART.

Who Runs This Blog Thing?
An actual human being who simply dictates what to say. This is an actual human being, not two dolls who might grow to include other dolls as well. But see, I am me and I is I. Get it? I'm just a person who has blogging dolls. Nothing much.

How Often Do You Post?
When there is stuff to post. When we get outfits, we review. With Pictures! And when stuff goes on. Adventures. Daily life. Poetry. Stuff.
Our essential core being. We are posting ourselves, our feelings, our lives. When we post, we give you ourselves. We are giving our thoughts and feelings, this is our diary of two best friends/cousins. When we are grown, we will look back on our blog from our preteens to many years in the future. Maybe as adults, we'll still post! I'm eleven, and Sam is 10. In 10 years, we'll be in our twenties. We are posting, well, us.

What be your thing?


~Willow & Samantha

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